Reporting in as Ordered

Today was a day off the day job. Things didn’t go exactly as planned. When do they ever? I slept late, probably a good thing, considering. Took the laptop with me to go get my car serviced. I got a fair amount done while I was waiting. Then an errand or two and home to discover my brother had dropped off my two nieces and my nephew. Sigh. That blew the morning. We made cookies which was fun, then they went outside to play and I got some work done. But at 1:00pm my son called from school. He’s been away at a school camp for the week. I went to pick him up. I let him off at the corner of the driveway because his cousins where there playing in the dirt. This at least allowed me to get his dirty clothes piled up and ready to wash. Get re-acquainted time etc. He had a blast and dirty hair, too. He went off to play with his cousins.

Then my brother came to pick up his kids and my son collapsed on the couch, fried in just about all senses of the work, and then I started to get some serious work done. Break for dinner, then back to work. At one point I was over 64K, but then I hit the spots where I had to do some deep cutting to bring things into alignment with recent changes. The good news is that I ended up a couple hundred words ahead of yesterday which means I wrote a lot to replace the stuff I cut.

Thus, the good news is I did what I intended, which was conform the story, which I did. Along with a couple of surprises that I enoyed, moreo or less. Tomorrow, I’ll get that completed and then probably print it out and see where I stand. But, at 63K, I can’t be adding too many (if any at all) plot points. The rest of the 25K or so is going to come from editing and layering.

I just hope this doesn’t suck. I can’t tell yet.


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