My e is nearly gone!

I’ve had my keyboard a fairly long time. And, I’ve been lucky not to spill any water on it. Which means that certain letters are fading to nonexistence. E, A, S and Backspace. R, T, N, H and M are looking a little faint, too. A couple of the arrow keys. Just noticing.

In writing news, my long weekend was not quite as productive as I’d hoped since I woke up Saturday feeling pretty awful. Sore throat, etc. This, of course, explains my falling asleep the previous Thursday. My body was fighting something off. Rats. So I mostly stayed in bed and read the new Laurel K. Hamilton Danse Macabre in between sleeping. The dog and all three cats cuddled up for some fever action and to be honest, it was OK for feeling crappy. I was comfy enough and it wasn’t a hideous illness.

I was better by late evening and did get some stuff done. And today was Easter so we did the family and friends things. Still, I have 66,449 words for Magellan’s Witch, and all that came while conforming the last few chapters I have. Some good stuff came out of it. At this point, I pretty much don’t use my chapter outline except rarely. Instead, I switch to keeping a list of Action Items, so I can remember details I need to change or develop. In one scene, my heroine is wearing a sweater, but not much further on, in the same time setting, I changed the sweater to a shirt. So I need to remember to change that.

Tomorrow it’s back to work. Sigh. Next week, the Master’s precis has to be done, so I’ll need to pull some more time for that. Time is looking like a precious commodity right now. I’ll into the beginning meat of it now and it’s going well enough. Boy, do I just want to be done with this. Really.



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