Ah, my little dumpling . . . Yes!

Tonight I tackled chicken and dumplings again and success! I pulled out the old Betty Crocker book, followed the dumpling instructions almost faithfully, and winged it on the chicken. (Good gosh, two puns in the same day!**) Ah, yes, I ended up with light yummy dumplings. And the dumpling lore is this: Do not cook them in the water. You set the dough on TOP of the meat which is in a frying pan with boiling whatever but has enough meat in it that the dumplings will not fall into the water. 10 minutes boiling no cover, then 10 more covered with a domed cover.

** See previous post.

67+ K for Magellan’s Witch.

I have an issue to deal with. I think I have too many characters right now and I’m going to have to do the authorial version of a Vulcan mind meld on somebody I know who!! — Shut up — and combine some characters. But I haven’t sussed out the exact roles those parts are playing, so I’m not sure how to most effectively combine them. The thing I don’t want to admit right now is that Mr. Zorro stripes may actually be taking the place of my hero in these last scenes I’ve been working on. That damn little voice is shouting at me so loud that I can’t think. Something isn’t right. Hero and heroine cannot be separated for this many pivotal scenes. Listen to me! Lookit, I’ll notebook it at the gym tomorrow and get some clarity OK? So will you just shut up, now? No. That’s not my job. I’m going to haunt you in your dreams and all those moments when you lose track of an important conversation or in the shower or whatever. Maybe the stairs. Right. Thanks. A writer must be eternally vigilant.

Or maybe just nuts.


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