Late Again

I’m at 71K for Magellan’s Witch. I’ve made a little adjustment (that needs to be rolled throughout the pages) that gives the title some added meaning, which I always like. I’ve reordered a chapter or two, got myself into and out of a corner or two (again) and realized that my hero is a bit more twisted than I thought. I was going to print the thing off tonight, but then I saw where a chapter needed to be moved, and then I deleted enough words to put me below 70K and since I didn’t want to be in the negatives for the night I decided to fix just enough to smooth out the chapter and at least get back to 70K. I made it to 71+ but now it’s late again.

Right now, my big worry is that when I do read it through it’ll be a disaster. And I only have 20 days to get it into decent shape. Before tonight I was stressing over the lack of chemistry between my hero and heroine, so I notebooked that at the gym and decided maybe I’d have them get together a lot sooner, but for a different reason. Which is what I wrote tonight, and I think it came out pretty good. I felt like they were realistically hot together.

This weekend, I have to work Sunday, hopefully only in the morning, but still that’s hours not writing. And I want to complete the precis this weekend, which I think means no fiction writing this weekend. Stressing. Yes. Definitely.



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