I’m frantically working to get my sh&t done by May 4th. The day job is taking up too much of my real life right now. Argh! I’m taking the last day of April (my birthday) and May 1-4 as vacation so I can get things polished and formatted correctly. Carolyn the web hound is ignoring just about all her email and barely paying attention to MySpace (where I continue to find really neat friends who like to talk about books.) I’m testy and tired. I dropped off my Master’s introduction for my professor to read — she wanted to see a draft — precis whatever it is and all I could think during the drive there and back and the really brisk walk to Nichols Hall and back, was that I could be writing… Then it was, do I stop and buy my son Fish and Chips for dinner or find something at home to cook when I already made him have frozen chimichanga’s (well, yeah, he cooked them first) last night. Right, F&C it is.

Despite my panic, I think Magellan’s Witch is going reasonably well. I’m now going through front to back and editing the hell out of everything. I’m at 74K and working on chapter 6 tonight I think. I have no ending and am hoping by the time I get to the end I’ll have one.

My last bit of news is that I should have news on Scandal shortly. Nothing I can talk about yet, but good things it seems. We’ll see.


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