Weekend Report

I’ve been working on the last chapter most of the day. It’s not done yet. At this point, I’m not even sure it’s the last chapter anymore. I may need to continue it to another chapter. It’s going well enough, I guess. I also worked on the requirements for the Master’s final project. Very tedious, let me tell you. But the title page is done, copyright page, authorization page, and abstract, which took longer than I wanted, plus the acknowledgment. That makes all the parts done.

My new resolution is to stop stressing over whether Magellan’s Witch is crossing some lines. I’m transgressing some genre rules and right now I just say too darn bad. There’s going to be a HEA** because without that I’m not transgressing, I’m writing something that’s not romance. This book is definitely romance, but some conventions I’ve just thrown out the window for now.

**Happily Ever After

Lastly, I’m listening to Paolo Nutini’s These Streets and I’m just loving this album. Every once in a while his Scottish accent comes out and it’s just awesomely sexy. Not to mention I’ve always had a fondness for being able to hear the voice and lyrics, too. The best part is the lyrics are quite nuanced so it’s not painful to hear them more than once. Makes me wonder what his music will be like when he’s actually got some maturity on him.

Here’s a just a portion of a longer song (mindful that this portion is acoustic guitar, minor key and sung slowly, also that these particular lyrics are, for some reason, not in the liner notes, so if they’re not accurate, that’s my fault.)

a great sense of passing through
a great sense of passing through
a great sense of passing. . . . through
Oh, for once there was beauty
here for me
Under these wide Northern skies
I felt the green was blacker
And the blues darker still
My roots are lying deeper than I ever think they will
I know
Heartache and poesy under these Northern skies.
a great sense of passing through
a great sense of passing through
a great sense of ….. you

For me, that pause after the third passing is chilling. The images are gorgeous, and the final replacement of passing makes these lyrics reach meaning far beyond the words. Not to mention the use of the word poesy. Now, it’s quite possible he’s saying poetry but I listened several times and that’s what I kept hearing.

In fact, consider this my latest sharing of poetry.

Back to work.


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