Today is my birthday!

picture of a birthday cake

Picture courtesy of musingorchards.

Yes, indeed. I am another year better. And, since I am home from the day job working on getting my final project for my Master’s all done, it’s been a very nice day. First off, I got to sleep in, then I got a lot of writing done. I was right yesterday that my last chapter for Magellan’s Witch wasn’t the actual last chapter. I wrote/re-wrote that today, so now all the chapters are done and I’m going through chapters 19-25 getting them more up to speed. So, I think I might be able to call this thing done on Wednesday. Tomorrow I get signatures and go visit the grad dept to clear up a bit of ambiguity on my project defense. All should be good.

In birthday news, my sister bought me a cala lily, which I love and will plant outside my window, and some sparkling water, my favorite kind. I got a free smoothie at the smoothie place downtown (I got Protein Power), my son got something with too much sugar in it, and my sister got something or other and I used the rest of the gift card for them so 3 smoothies cost me 40 cents. Awesome, no? My son got me a scented soaps which I love. So nice in the shower. Then we came home and had birthday cake more or less for dinner.

This morning the dog rolled in something disgusting and so I was forced to give him a bath. He was not happy with me, but he forgave me.

Last night I finished reading Addicted by Zane. Somehow, and this is distressing to me, I had never heard of her. She writes erotica and apparently started out self-published and sold 250,000 (!!) on her own. Now she’s with a major print publisher, as she should be. Zane is African-American. I found out about her from My Space, as she was often mentioned as a favorite author by others, at least some of whom I could see were persons of color. Addicted is written in a very deft, very culturally specific style. It’s a far more complex story than most erotica, and I really, really enjoyed it. I’ll be reading more of her.

Got to get the son to bed…



2 Responses to “Today is my birthday!”

  1. Merry says:

    Happy Birthday for yesterday!
    Sounds like you had a great day. :o)

  2. Carolyn says:

    Thanks! I did have a great day.