Oh, the carnage, the carnage

I cut 9,400 words from Magellan’s Witch today. The mess was bigger than I thought. But now it’s not. Now it’s more straightforward and the messy stuff is gone. Now, I think, I can do a read through (not paper) and get from page 1 to page-the-end without having to redo everything. That’s what I’m going to try to do tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll concentrate on the back end, because the replacement stuff is thin right now, and that has to be fixed. That’s a bigger priority right now.

The update on the MA is that I can’t officially file anything until after my public reading, which is May 15. So I have to live with this for another two weeks because now it’s due May 18. I have one more form to file, too. I still have to get my committee members copies of it to read this week so they can sign on the dotted line. Which will have to be Thursday on account of office hours. Which gives me tomorrow and maybe a little of Thursday to finish fixing. Except in a way it doesn’t really matter because I need to keep fixing for the real deadline anyway.

Anyway, off to bed before it’s tomorrow.


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