Well, I knew this would happen

Work on Magellan’s Witch has been going like gangbusters. Yesterday I was at 83K and feeling pretty good about things. Probably it was the sugar rush from all the birthday cake. I knew I had a couple of problem chapters coming up but hey only 7 chapters between me and a solid draft. Whoa. Today I am massively fixing. I’ve deleted two chapters so far and broken up two others that were too long (so no net loss of chapters). At the moment I’m down to 79K, most of which I should make back,depending on the state of the other chapters. I’m working with chapter 20 right now — the new chapter 20. I keep thinking that any day now I can print this darn thing off and do a read through and that keeps not happening. Sigh.

At least I’m in the middle of an interesting solution to one of my issues and to be honest, I’m not broken up over the chapters I sent off to the Recycling Folder for Wayward Writing. They were boring and belonged to the previous version anyhow. But still.

In an hour, I’m off to get signatures on the MA project and see about my actual due date. I’ll report back later. I’m going to use my new printer for the first time and print off my sig pages.

Updated to add: My pages printed beautifully and oh so fast. I had to do it twice though because the first time I forgot they needed to be numbered with lower case roman numerals at the bottom. Sheesh.


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