More Customer Disservice

Oh. My. Gosh.

I need a new keyboard. Mine is starting to act up. OK, so I need to get a new one. I’m not ready, yet, to replace my current desktop. So I need a keyboard with a PS2 connection. I also need an ergonomic keyboard. This limits my options. Very frustrating. But I finally found the keyboard I need at Dell. Yay, I thought. I have a Preferred Account with them, this will be easy.

No. It wasn’t.

No matter what I tried to do with the shopping cart, when I submitted the order, it told me PayPal was not available and to try another method. I tried online chat to see if someone could fix that up. Got tired of waiting and decided to call. Finding the phone number was not easy. It wasn’t anywhere on the shopping cart page. But I found it and called. The gentleman insisted he needed to know my service tag number before I could buy a keyboard. I convinced him that was stupid. Then he had to have the Dell SKU number. That number was nowhere on the shopping cart page and giving him the model information wasn’t sufficient. I had to click back a bazillion times to get the SKU for him (which one of us works for Dell?) Then he insisted he had to know what system I would be using this with. Why? All I want is a freaking keyboard. I could not get past this. Dell must have this information that is none of their business and irrelevant to them shipping me the keyboard I want. I have two systems, one of which I built myself more or less. But, at last, at last, we get the purchase onto my preferred account. And then I get put on hold 3 times before I get an order number. I told him about my experience with their website, but that is not his department so Dell will never know their website is broken because he won’t tell them. Me? I’m just pissed off. It took me an HOUR to buy a keyboard. Here’s a link to Dell in case they pay attention to blogger links. Dell, right now I hate you as a company. Mac Book Pro you’re looking better all the time.



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