Tommorrow already?

So, today I slaved away on Magellan’s Witch and for a while there I thought there was no way I’d get through and fix what needed fixing. Good golly. But I kept on fixing and deleting and adding and I’m up to 75K now. Then I had to make an e-copy for my MA version because the formatting has to be completely different and get that reformatted correctly and paginated etc. Tomorrow I have one more scene to look at because it feels like it’s in the wrong place. And then I’ll print this out, get a copy made and to my professors for review. Office hours converge at 3:00 pm.

Mostly I was feeling not so hot about things, but when I was in 2-page view mode on the MA, I started thinking, hey, this isn’t so bad. I was feeling excited about reading it. I’m going to bed on that note.

Friday I’m getting a hand massage AND a back massage.



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