Good Day!

Today I went to my favorite place for breakfast and had my favorite breakfast, did the crossword, walked around and shopped, then got a massage (an hour and half of bliss). I picked up my son from school. He still loves me because I walked into the Game Store the other day to ask my usual question When do you think you’ll get any wii’s? (Usual Answer: we’re not sure, come back tomorrow really early.) But this time they said, We have one. My son’s birthday isn’t for 6 weeks, but of course I got the wii for him. Early. Now I am the greatest Mom ever. I must say, the wii is pretty awesome. It was ridiculouly easy to set up. I think it took five minutes. And the motion sensing is wow. So, my son really loves me. (Awwww).

I messed around on MySpace for a bit, caught up on some emails for a bit, read for a bit. Now I’m doing this. The only thing is I can’t find a book I’m eager to read. But, I did find out that Michael Chabon is going to be in Petaluma on May 19th! Since I bought his latest, I have a card to get me in and my books signed.

Maybe, I might take a look at paper copy for Magellan’s Witch, but I might sort through my TBR for a book that really calls to me…


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