My Love Affair

Picture of the HP LaserJet3005dn
Ok, I admit it. I am in love with my new printer, an HP LaserJet 3005dn. 1) It’s blazing fast (yes, this is relative to my old printer, but it’s still fast. 2) It prints lovely crisp text; 3) It can print duplex. 4) It doesn’t have the fugly impossible to remove label that defaced my 4200 5) It’s reasonably attractive 6) Holds a ream of paper 7) Does not have to be told to use the tray with paper in it when there’s only one tray with paper in it. 8) If I had time to set it up, I could connect wirelessly.

Duplex, people. Who would have thought this mattered? But it’s like when your boyfriend brings you flowers just because. I have a bazillion pages of lectures from this on-line writing course I took and I printed them off duplex. That’s when I knew it was love. That and when I didn’t have to sit there worrying that my Master’s project would print off all smeary and dotted.

I fixed up the rest of the issues from my new chapter in Magellan’s Witch and then reprinted the first 11 chapters (hardly took any time at all!) so I can start reading through again.


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