Monday for sure

I should have known when I woke up exhausted and decided to skip the gym that I wasn’t well. But I got my extra hour of sleep and went to work. 2 hours later I came come. The really good news is our Koi are parents. Four of them between 1.5 and 2 inches long. We know it’s the Koi and not the goldfish because the babies look like the Koi: Orange, black and white. One of them is mostly orange. A while back they were doing a lot of breaching the water. I think they were "flirting." Sometimes I’d hear the splash from my room (the koi pond is right outside my sliding glass door) or I’d look just in time and see them pretending they were whales. Anyway, big excitement here today.

I got some work done today despite the foggy brain. I decided to work on my missing chapter. I picked a good spot and started and after a bit I went If this keeps up, Carolyn, this will be boring. So I stared out the window for a while and then got back to work and now my antagonist is with my heroine and there’s some stuff going down. And I’ve got to go find out out that ends up…


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