Close so very close!

I’m so close I can almost smell it! To being done with my MA in English, that is. Oddly enough, the scent reminds me of toner and hot paper. Yesterday, I did my Public reading for my final project. Some people from work came, which was really nice, I must say. I was reading to the students in my Prof’s class. Yes, I was nervous at first, but then I had to pay attention to the pages and my reading. Luckily, since I read to my son just about every night, I am a pretty good read-out-louder. The room was very quiet while I read. Which I hope means they were interested in what they were hearing. No talking or shuffling or what have you. Well, whatever, I guess. I can drive myself crazy trying to guess what people were thinking.

Tomorrow I will get the last signatures and turn my copy into the graduate affairs office. Then I think I get to wait until they tell me I’m good to turn in the final expensive paper one. And then I’ll be done at last. I’ll have a Master’s degree. . . in English. (you have to pretend like that was Buy Nye the Science Guy saying that, only dorkier but with better diction).

I didn’t work today, at least not on paper or computer. But I had some fairly long moments of down time when I was thinking very hard about Magellan’s Witch, particularly about the fellow who will be the hero in the second book.

And now, to be with a few minutes to spare for reading.



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