Awesome new Romance Line

The thing I love about Dorchester is they do the absolute coolest books. They’re not afraid to try new things. I thought the SHOMI series sounded totally awesome the moment I heard about it. My friend Liz Maverick is heading yet another genre-pushing line. This is a Publisher’s Weekly starred review.

Cover of Liz Maverick's Wired

Liz Maverick. Dorchester/Shomi, $6.99 (352p) ISBN 978-0-505-52724-0
If Maverick’s fast-paced, genre-bounding novel is any indication, Dorchester’s new imprint, Shomi—which aims to hook a younger generation of readers—should catch an audience quickly. Maverick grabs readers from page one, throwing together romance, science fiction and cyberpunk—a mash-up hinted at in the anime-style packaging— to tell the story of L. Roxanne Zaborovsky, a high-strung freelance computer programmer whose reclusive life gets tossed on its head when two men show up looking for her. Appearing mysteriously one night, the pair immediately set to fighting over Roxanne; before long, she realizes one is an old college acquaintance, Mason Merrick. Taking off with Mason, Roxanne learns that the men are each after a valuable bit of her work—a piece of code she hasn’t even written yet. When even stranger things follow— like close friends showing up with entirely different lives—Roxanne discovers that her pursuers are playing with the threads of reality, trying to gain advantage over the other. Maverick’s roller-coaster ride doesn’t always stay grounded, but it’s easy to get drawn into her world of twisting realities and shifting identities, especially with superb heroine Roxanne handling narration. This excellent piece of genre fiction shows much promise for both Maverick and the imprint she spearheads. (July)


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