Plus This!

Here’s something that really frosts me. I’m all for historical accuracy. I believe in doing research etc. But let’s apply some common sense to the matter. As a general statement, the people who preceded us were not fundamentally stupid or lacking in inventiveness. There are implements commonly used today that were commonly used in the past because 1) the implement is obviously both useful and necessary and 2) does not require the discovery or invention of something as yet undiscovered or not-invented yet. Therefore, some common implements can reasonably be assumed to have existed in the past. It’s not worth fussing over whether that’s TRUE when you have plot points that make no sense.

So, take matches. Useful yes. But not necessary. Matches also require an invention, so yeah, this is something you might want to research so your heroine isn’t striking a match in 1805.

Now take something like, oh, say, a rolling pin. Useful? Yes. Necessary? If you wish to make pie crust, yeah. Is an invention or discovery required? No. If you’re trying to make pie crust, rest assured wood or stone have been discovered. A cook is going to stare at a lump of dough and say, wow, I need something to make this really, really thin. I feel confident that even a idiot cook is going to think of something that will have looked remarkably like a rolling pin.

I just found this in draft status in blogger. I remember why I didn’t actually post it, but now that I read it, I’m going to post it anyway. Apply some common sense people. For crying out loud.



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