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I got something icky and came home from work Wednesday and pretty much slept the rest of the day. I pried myself out of bed to take the son to soccer practice then got us home and went back to sleep. Slept most of Thursday, too. When I wasn’t sleeping, I was reading. This morning, I went back to work and even made it to the gym. Just 45 min of cycling, nothing hard. I have my make-up rowing class tomorrow so I’m going to bed in just a bit.

Recent Reads

  • MaryJanice Davidson, Sleeping with the Fishes, Half-mermaid, half-human heroine. Very funny.
  • Cait London, On the Edge, an empath coming into her powers. Billed as Romantic Suspense. Liked it.
  • Liz Maverick, Wired, This gets a big WOW. Really interesting, absorbing.
  • Janet Evanovitch, Metro Girl, Very funny. I laughed a lot.
  • Angela Knight, Master of Dragons, Liked it. Kept me up too late
  • Mary Balogh, Simply Love, What can I say? I love Balogh, and I loved this book.

What else? I tried to write some on Scandal but I couldn’t get Nikodemus, the hero of Magellan’s Witch, out of my head. But now it’s been a few days and I’ve read a lot, so I think I can start fresh this weekend. I have two scenes mapped out and I’ve started thinking about how my heroine is going to move through this story.

About Magellan’s Witch: I don’t think I’ve actually ever mentioned what the book is about. There’s a witch. And a mage named Magellan. And there’s fiends who have been known to destroy the lives of humans they possess. And Magellan’s witch needs to figure who the good guys are.

Those of you who know me, take a guess, is the hero a mage or a fiend?


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