Procrastination! Get yer Red Hot Procrastination Right Here!

So, um. I’ve been reading a lot. I read Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Devil May Cry and enjoyed it. There was a lot of her gods-inhabited world in it and it was interesting to see how that worked. I keep hearing that she’s going to write Ash’s story. Awesome if true.

Yesterday I read (in one sitting) Marcus Lutrell’s Lone Survivor, and boy, oh boy. (I’d give a link to him directly, but he doesn’t seem to have a website.) I really, really loved this book. It’s the account of his SEAL team’s mission in Afghanistan. If you’re curious about what it’s like there, this book is full of details you have to look hard to find elsewhere. I do have to quibble with his propensity to blame liberals and/or the liberal media for perceived slights, but he’s entitled to his interpretation, wrong though I think it is. I have a bleeding heart, and I don’t blame the military for their actions in combat and frankly, I don’t believe much of the US does either. If a trained soldier has to make a me-or-them decision in battle, then let’s not 2nd guess the instincts our tax dollars helped give them. I do think there’s something wrong when it’s reported that soldiers planned and carried out the rape and murder of an Iraqi family. I’m not stupid or naive enough to believe everything I read, but reports like that need to be investigated. Personally, to the extent I have any sort of an informed opinion, I think a military and Commander in Chief who allow an environment in which soldiers take the blame for the political undesirability of deaths in war might be a better target. At least a shared target.

And really, that’s a minor aside from an absorbing, amazing and inspiring story. It’s just that every time he went off on liberals, I couldn’t help thinking, I’m a liberal, and I don’t feel that way. Not to mention that there were times when he simply failed to account for the complexity of the world and the way it works. Liberals make a convenient scape goat for him. I suppose it’s ironic that as he goes off about how it’s the fault of liberals that he has to worry about getting charged with murder so he can’t do the needful, as it were, it’s his religion that keeps him from casting his vote in a militarily correct way. Um, so maybe the big-bad liberals are right? All right, I have to say I think there’s some intellectual dishonesty going on there. But, heck, he’s been brainwashed by Neo-Cons and the fascist Right, so can we blame him? (Right. That was Carolyn’s patented sarcasm. Move along. I’m just evening the score in an equally dishonest manner.)

As I read I kept thinking the author’s name sounded familiar, and then when I read the thank yous at the very end, I realized why. I also read Dick Couch’s The Making of SEAL class 228, and Marcus Lutrell was a member of that class and is mentioned in that book. I picked up Lutrell’s book because it’s been getting some good reviews and is selling quite well. Way worth it. As I said, this liberal bleeding heart read the book in one afternoon. He and his fellow soldiers are tremendously brave and I’m glad there are men like him in the military.

I also read A Taste of Honey by Jami Alden. This was three novellas about three brothers finding love and hot sex. Grin. I very much liked the first two stories and I loved the last one. I cried at the end, and I hardly ever cry over books.

Then I re-read my previous two historicals, just to see how I did it way back then in prehistoric times, but I probably shouldn’t have. All I wanted to do was go back and fix crap. I’m a different writer now, writing a different sort of book. (Gee, that was what, three years ago?)

The Darling Child had a soccer tournament this weekend, so I was off being soccer mom most of Saturday and Sunday. They did not win the tournament this year because they had to play two under-14 teams and I am here to tell you that the difference between U-13 boys and U-14 boys is spelled T E S T O S T E R O N E. My son is very tall for his age and most of those boys were much, much taller and they had muscles. So, his team got their butts kicked. They won their game against the U-13 boys, and that was good for them.

I think I opened Word Perfect a few times and stared at the blank screen. What else? Played on MySpace. Friended people. Commented. Important stuff you know. Checked my spam catcher. I have so many friends who want to send me ecards! Worshippers, too. Just wait til I whip myself back into shape, then we can talk worship. Until then, I’m afraid you and your malware just have to go ka-blooie!

Oh, yeah. I did driveway torture today after a week of pretending I wasn’t getting sick and then 3 days of actually being sick. I missed a lot of gym days. I was slower by a minutes or so, which meant I only had to do 1.5 minutes of sprints to make 45 minutes total torture time. But I didn’t have to stop. All four miles well done. I hope to add another up-and-down in the next couple of weeks. Plus, seeing as how it was 4:30 am and in the boonies when I was running (slogging?), I did see the tail end of the Perseid Meteor Showers. Wow. Breathtaking. I think I’m up for 3 days of DWT, 2 days of resistance training and a couple days of rowing. I’ll do weights tomorrow and see how I am Wednesday for DWT. I might do a regular run.

Also, during the DWT this morning, I figured out at last what to do in the next scene for Scandal, so I guess I really have no choice but to go write that. Now.

Last thing: you know I am the master of procrastination because I did not have to resort to housework or other chores. It’s advanced procrastination. Don’t try it at home unless you’re trained or have supervision.

Oh, and Patti O’Shea? If I had the money, I’d get a Mac. I grilled Marjorie Liu about her Mac experience and that decided me. If I had the bucks, I’d get a Power Book.


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2 Responses to “Procrastination! Get yer Red Hot Procrastination Right Here!”

  1. Margaret says:

    ………All I wanted to do was go back and fix crap. I’m a different writer now, writing a different sort of book…………………

    You simply cannnot be talking about The Spare and Lord Ruin…2 of my favourite books! I love those books…and even tho your writing may have changed they are–and your writing are–fantastic. Looking forward to your next release. And that’s from one bleeding heart liberal to another. 🙂 Margaret

  2. Carolyn says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed Lord Ruin and The Spare. Well, yes, I did mean them, darn it.
    Carolyn of the Bleeding Heart