A Cookie Disaster

Today, while I was busy procrastinating I made cookies. Twice. The first batch was Chocolate Chip, which I can now make without consulting the recipe. They came out great as always. Then I made sugar cookies. The dough needs to be refrigerated so I didn’t suspect the looming tragedy until much later. Then I went grocery shopping.

Flashback: This morning I went rowing with another of the novices from my class. Two hours in a two-man (two-girl) skull. Fun. But our novice status was pretty apparent. We managed to get out of it whenever we rowed too close to the shore and ended up in the mud. The hardest part was dealing with the low tide and the wind. Whoa. I will say that being generally more fit (as opposed to actually fit) than the general population is an advantage. I don’t seem to poop out… And, my very low key weight training with push ups and the like continues to be another incredible advantage. I’m floored by how little time and effort it takes for the perceived and, it seems, actual, benefit. Two days a week, probably 30-40 minutes total time when I exclude the stretching. That’s it. I’m up to 22 push ups per rep, not including the really hard ones where you make a triangle with your thumbs and index fingers. Those are hard and I can only do 12 or so right now. It’s hard work. But the free weights are a nice little break… Seriously.

OK. So now the groceries are put away. My son and I have taken down the garbage and recycling and walked down the road to where he’ll pick up the bus. I timed it, and it’s a 15 minute walk. Turns out it’s much further away than I thought. But walking 15 minutes won’t kill him. It’s a busy road, though, and I worry a bit because cars are going slow along there at 55 mph. Back at the house, I decide to bake the sugar cookies.

Oh. My. Gosh. Total.Disaster.

The first batch looks, seriously, like fried eggs, without the yolk. They’re so flat and bubbly I have to wait for them to cool down in order to get them off the cookie sheet. I know this because the first one crumpled up into so much gunk and then slowly melted down off the cooling rack. I made the rest twice as big, thinking maybe they wouldn’t spread out, but all I got was bigger egg whites.

So, what went wrong, you might be wondering? I think I know. Apparently, somebody who wasn’t me, poured flour into a container that had in it a white powdery substance that was, in reality, powdered sugar. Therefore, the flour I used was probably half powdered sugar.

Yeah. Cookie. Disaster. They tasted good. I mean, come on, they were mostly sugar and butter so how bad could they taste? But it was still a disaster.

Then I re-wrote my outline for Scandal and now I’m going to bed.


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