Friday, and not a moment too soon

It’s going to be a busy weekend. I didn’t get any writing done yesterday, for one thing. sigh. I skipped the gym this morning because I was so darn tired. Instead, I went this afternoon, while my son was at soccer practice. I did some good notebooking. I had a bunch of little errands to run today, too. I mailed off the signed contracts for the two historicals, I bought new windshield wipers since mine have deteriorated to the point of being non-functional, and since it’s September there’s bound to start being some mornings of heavy mist with perhaps some rain, though it won’t start raining (if it does at all) until November, but still. Gotta be prepared. Then I had to get gas so I have a full tank for the drive to the wedding tomorrow.

So, now I’m looking at my chapters and conforming my outline and I’ve had to delete one chapter for being repetitive. I wrote a better version the other day. And in doing this I can see I have stuff in all the wrong order, so tonight will be fixing that. No writing, probably, given the time. No writing tomorrow, what with my brother’s wedding and all. Soccer and Art In The Park Sunday, so I’ll have to fit the writing in sideways. No rowing, obviously. Rats.

Anyway, back to getting my chapters in order.


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