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Yikes. Didn’t get much done today, word-wise. Soccer in the morning in a city about 45 minutes away, then back to town where I did the grocery shopping before heading home. Kidlet not happy about that, but pretty much, tough tootles for him. No way was I going to go back into town to shop later. Too much stuff is out or picked over. I gave him $5.00 and send him over to the yogurt place to wait for me while I shopped.

Came home from shopping and fell exhausted into bed and slept hard again. When I woke up, I fuzted around and thought about Scandal but didn’t actually do anything about it. Then I took the DC to the movies. We saw The Brave One which was better than I expected. I like moral ambiguity and that was present for sure. And, I’m embarrassed to admit that I totally missed a subtle yet key point of a pivotal scene that my son totally picked up on. He liked the movie, which I actually didn’t expect. I thought it might be too cerebral for his tastes, but no.

Came home, took down the garbage and recycling and I swear by the time I walked back up the hill, I was ready to fall down in a heap. I’m exhausted now, and this, obviously by now, isn’t normal. I wasn’t anemic when I gave blood, so that’s not the problem. So, we’ll see how things are tomorrow. I must be getting something. I did work on Scandal though, and ended up rearranging the chapters. But I need an unexhausted brain to think about where things are going.

To bed for me.


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