In which Carolyn Has Palpitations

Somebody get me a vinaigrette!!

Cover Image of Lover Unbound By JR Ward It’s almost here! The PW review looks fabu, so check it out!

But Wait, there’s more!!

Book 6, Lover Enshrined is available for pre-order. Should be out in April. Yes, I ordered it, one day delivery. And laughed hysterically when Amazon said if I’d pony up for Amazon Prime they’d give me free 2 day shipping. As if!! Uh, no. Don’t think so. I love Alpha males. I’m not waiting for this set.

The other funny thing when I was checking, just for the hell of it, when I might expect ::Vishous:: to arrive at my door, Amazon showed me a selection of books it thought I might want based on past buying. Not the usual If You Liked…. but a nearly artful display of images, and the thing is, I already owned way more than half the books they thought I might like. Some of which I bought from Amazon. But some I bought elsewhere.



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