Been Readin’. . .

Yes, I have read Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward I read it yesterday. A lovely day married only by the fact that I’ve picked up my son’s cold. I’m trying hard not to spoil anything, so actually, it being this early on, I’ll only say that the story was larger than life which is exactly what I so love about the series. Big bad boys. Really BIG bad boys. I love bad boys.

Anybody who would like Carolyn’s patented inside scoop can email me privately, and I’ll dish you some Vishous dirt. I’d love to compare notes!

I also recently finished reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyers. This book has been out long enough that I don’t think I’ll spoil anything by talking about it. For anyone who doesn’t know, this is the first of a now prominent YA series. The protagonist is 17 year Bella who moves from Phoenix AZ to Forks WA and meets the gorgeous and mysterious Edward, who is her classmate. So, yes, the characters are teenagers, but the story is quite complex and utterly compelling, as any good novel is, regardless of target market.

Edward is a vampire.

The book is quite long, but yay for long stories that need to be long! Bella, Edward and their developing relationship is brilliantly rendered. When the villain shows up the story is absolutely impossible to put down. He’s scary. Legitimately scary. The guy is probably one of the best villains I’ve ever read.

I also read Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon Lucky me! I haven’t read all the Dark Hunter novels. Naturally, I enjoyed this one. The hero is one of the were-people, so no actual Dark Hunters. Fun story.

Scandal is going well enough. Maybe not fast enough, but well enough. I’m heading for bed early tonight since I’m not really 100%.


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