Wow, 1,000 posts old Plus Reporting In

This is my 1,000th post. All the way from April 2001 to October 2007. That’s six years of blogging. Allow me to step into my Way Back Machine. I was following the always fascinating Dave Winer and he was talking about blogging like it was the best thing since sliced bread. Hmm, I said. I think he’s right. So I tried Radio UserLand, but (sorry Dave) it wasn’t as easy as I needed it to be on the crappy equipment that I had. Full time job, very young child, and I think I was in grad school then, too. Plus the writing. But Blogger (before Google) was dead easy, so I did that and Dave was right. Blogger had some growing pains, but eventually Goolge bought them out and sent all the paid subscribers a free t-shirt AND later when things were NOT smooth a free Google hoodie. And I was extremely cute in my hoodie so all was forgiven.

And now it’s today. 1000 posts later. Lots of writers blog now. Blogging is no big deal, but it’s still fun for me. I like doing it. Happy 1,000th post Writer’s Diary!

OK, reporting in. Somehow I made it through Magellan’s Witch. There were three, make the four really truly ugly chapters. I cut one, rewrote another and wanted to slit my wrists over one just this afternoon, and then there’s the one that I rewrote, and when I re-read it realized I needed to put most of it back the way it was because I’d actually made it worse not to mention totally boring. So for the first time practically ever, I went into my archives and pulled out the previous version and replaced the back 4/5ths with the old version. Today was brutal. Really. I was up until 11:00 last night, slept until 5:30 this morning(no gym, rats! but I needed the coherence of an extra hour’s sleep) then skipped the lunch hour walk for the 3rd day in a row– those poor guys I usually walk with think I hate them— to sit outside by my car to read through MW. Then home to get my son to a soccer scrimmage. I sat in the car and worked… Then my sister picked him up to take him to my brother’s for a birthday party for the twins, and I went home and worked on MW. The bit I thought was dreadful at lunchtime turned out not to be quite so bad. But I got through all the changes and have conformed everything I think. And since I told my editor I would have it to her in a week or so I decided what with discretion being the better part of valor and all, that I can email it Monday morning, thus giving me another weekend. And putting me behinder yet on Scandal. But that’s a panic for another day.


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2 Responses to “Wow, 1,000 posts old Plus Reporting In”

  1. vanessa jaye says:

    Happy 1,000 post!!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Thanks, Vanessa!