Eve of All Hallow’s Eve…

I’ve always wanted to write that. And today is my big chance!

All righty. Got that out of my system. I’m exhausted. It’s been a long day and for some reason I didn’t sleep all that well last night. Sigh.. I worked on Scandal at the gym and right as I was in the midst of a huge reorg of material involving musical chapters and parts flying all over, my 45 minutes was up. I actually sat on the bike a few more minutes, dripping sweat all over the pages as I worked, but then realized I’d need twenty more at least to get through that so hosed down the bike and went to stretch out and do push ups and sits up before I showered. Sigh. Hopefully I can make some sense of it tonight.

I got a delightful email today from someone who read The Spare in Dutch! That was exciting. I’m so glad she emailed to let me know. Wish I knew what the cover looked like…

OK, off to work on Scandal and go to bed early I think, on this, the Eve of All Hallow’s Eve.



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