heading into the weekend

With Scandal, I feel like I’m sliding into editing which is always more fun than the writing. I have a chapter to redo tonight, so we’ll see what happens to the word count. I’m at about 75,500, so I’m not too worried. I’m only worried about crap and getting it fixed.

I got some preliminary cover copy for Magellan’s Witch. Wow! Sounds a like a great story! They want to change the title, to which I say, Thank goodness! I was never all that wild about MW, but it worked OK enough. Only now I need to come up with some title ideas, some that lend themselves to a series Ishouldbesolucky. I have no ideas whatever. Zero. My head’s in Scandal. Anybody got any suggestions? Which Witch is out. So is The Little Witch Who Couldn’t. So are The Fiend Who Loved Her, Fiends and Lovers, Big Bad Boys Who Aren’t Human, No Fluffy Bunnies Here. . . I’m a wealth of unhelpfulness to myself. Somebody save me.


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