The Nerve! Honestly.

Now, as some of you may already know, I have a lot of fun with my MySpace Page. I’ve met some great people, readers, artists, photographers, musicians and even a writer or two. Sometimes I find myself with two copies of a book and I’ve sent off the extra to one of my MySpace friends. So it’s been just really fun. I don’t mind friending writers, sometimes I’m kind of giddy. Barry Eisler friended me!! So, you know, yay! and all that.

But when a writer leaves me a comment that is an nothing more than an ad for their new release? That’s spam. That’s despicable. That’s no different from those stupid, spammy here’s a new ringtone for you (that probably hits some server in China all ready with malware, just for me!) comments.

I have no problem with getting MySpace email from writers announcing releases. Hey, that’s why I friended them. I often click on bulletins announcing releases. But I don’t want your spam comment. If you want to sell something, go use your own site. Don’t try inserting an ad on MY MySpace page. I’m so glad I turned on comment moderation, because that spam comment never made it to my page. I denied it. And I’ll deny any one else who tries it too.

If you’re a writer, please, don’t do that. I’ll un-friend you and hate you, too.

OK, back to work on Scandal.


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