Frantic x 2

Working on Scandal, of course. I reordered some chapters and have blocked out a new one, which I was hoping to write tonight, but re-setting the chapters took longer than I hoped.

My editor at Grand Central Publishing loved Magellan’s Witch. I’m confirmed for an August 2008 release, which means they’re fast tracking everything. They need a new title by the end of this week and some minor revisions ASAP. Urk. I can do it though. The revisions aren’t big, I can probably get through them in a day. But that will have to wait for the weekend. I hear the cover will be on the sexy side, photographic as opposed to artwork which sounds pretty cool to me.

If you have a title suggestion, send it on. I have a contest going (which you would know already if you were a newsletter subscriber hint hint) If you send a suggestion, you’re in the contest.

Off to bed.


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