Down to the Wire

Today I hit 95,066 words so I’m golden tonight. I’m up to chapter 23 in the final read through. I fixed my two trouble spots and it rocks completely. Put a bit more on the line in a couple chapters tonight. Tomorrow, I’m pushing on.

Tonight, I’m going to bed.

I’ve been listening to a lot of James Blunt as I finish up. I really love the emotion of his music. Plus sometimes he uses a bad word or two and it’s really kind of nice knowing the work wasn’t sanitized for consumption. I have three of his CD’s now and when I have the money I’ll be on a quest for everything else he’s done. I can sing along to the music and get myself in a good mood for writing. Which is pretty much the whole point. Yet another artist discovered from MySpace. But not from his profile. From someone else’s profile music. So, let’s see. Someone has a song of his playing on their profile. Carolyn hears it, and now owns three of his CD’s plus an Amazon download of a single he did on some other album. So, why do artists delete their songs from MySpace profiles?

What else? Killer headache. But I can’t get sick so I won’t. That’s it. At my son’s soccer practice the temp was 53 with about an hour to go and by the end it was 44. Yeah, people who live with real weather are wondering why I’m complaining about a heat wave but for here, that’s just darned cold. I was thinking about putting on my socks.

OK, off to bed.


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