Website, Buffy and Word Perfect

Trying to get through the holidays here at Jewel HQ. It’s not always easy. Sigh.

The good news is that I’ve started implementing my redesigned website. I have the bulk of the new pages up, but not all of them, and I’ve not tested much. The blog will be dead last. But I got a lot more done today than I thought I would.

You-all may know that I don’t watch TV. Therefore, I don’t care much about the hardware. But I have my complete set of Buffy The Vampire Slayer DVD’s which, for various reasons having to do with the Wii, the Tivo, the DVD and a viper’s nest of color-coded cables I am unable to match color for color, I’ve had to watch on the iMac. Wow. The iMac display is just effin awesome. Tonight I re-watched the 1st two episodes with my son. We made popcorn, turned the lights off in my room and lay back on my bed to watch. It was fun. I think it’s great, too, for him to see a woman kicking some vampire ass and making friends with nice people. I’m looking forward to seeing the entire series.

Lastly, I think I’m going to be OK with Word Perfect in Parallels. I figured out my keyboarding issues and I believe all will be well. I had one issue with my new ftp client for the mac, and the first set of files I uploaded went up with the wrong permissions. My webserver is on a linux machine so I had to manually change permissions. The hosting software didn’t seem to allow batch changes, and I have no idea what my ssh shell login and pw is anymore so I had to do it one at a time. Pain! Besides, I know about 5 ‘nix commands and it’s scary when you have to Google first, though I’ve done it in the past. So it’s just as well. Then I found the place in the ftp client that sets the default permissions and since I know what those should be I had no further trouble. Oh, that was too long. Sorry. Today was a geeky day.

No more shopping for me. I was weak today and spent non-xmas-wad funds on presents. It was fun regardless. Tomorrow, wrapping! Ilooove wrapping presents.

I’ll be starting in full blast on Xia on 12/26.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve everyone!


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