Saturday Afternoon Post

I’ve been working all day, but in spurts. This precise moment is a non-spurt. Last night I watched several episodes of Buffy with my son instead of writing, so I have to make up the difference today. I’m halfway there.

In other news, it’s been raining, or at least constantly drizzling. A couple of counties north had snow. But it’s not that cold here, much to the darling child’s dismay. The big fuzzy cat is asleep on my lap, which is nice.

Regarding my switcheroo to the Mac, I’m pleased to report further good progress. The keyboard that comes with the iMac is a thing of beauty. It’s awesomely gorgeous. But if you type for several hours at a stretch, which as you may well imagine most writers do, it’s a torture device. Ergonomic this keyboard is not. And, some of the keystroke combos for WordPerfect don’t work on the iMac keyboard: Alt-F3 for example. So I pulled out my extra Ergo keyboard — I’m pretty hard on keyboards and one time I spilled something on my keyboard and kablooie I was left high and dry until I could get another one. Ever since I’ve kept an extra keyboard around. So anyhoo, I plugged the Ergo keyboard into the iMac keyboard and voila. The Ergo keyboard works in Parallels exactly as you’d expect. I can reveal codes and everything. And, even though the iMac doesn’t quite recognize the keyboard, in fact, it works just fine on the iMac even though the box said it was Windows only. I am back to being a pretty fast typist and my hands don’t hurt.

Note to Patti: Thumbs up for Word Perfect in Parallels. I’m happy.

In reading news, I read a Romantic Suspense by a major author and was pretty disappointed. By the end, I couldn’t remember if I actually finished it and I didn’t even care. The heroine was supposed to be computer genius, but the author conflated programming ability with technical support skills and business sense, too. Not to mention, it was blatantly clear she didn’t bother to run the geekish pages past an actual geek. It was pretty sad.

Sigh. Back to work. Mommy wants to buy a MacBook Pro. Or whatever Apple announces on January 14.



One Response to “Saturday Afternoon Post”

  1. Patti O'Shea says:

    Well, Carolyn, now you have me considering the Mac again, in fact I’ve been checking out the Mac Book Pro–and shuddering at the price. Ouch!