New Year’s Grump

Yeah, it’s 2008. And I’m grumpy. Shouldn’t be. But I am. Why? Tomorrow I have to get my car looked at. That’s one reason. I may have to drive it 50 miles away if the issue is serious, since it’s under warranty. Only the only dealer is 50 miles away in the commute direction in what I believe is, in fact, the official worst commute in the entire United States of America. Sigh.

Also I didn’t write a word today. I worked more on uploading the new website, which was more work than I expected and then I overlooked a typo and had to re-upload a bunch of files. There’s more clean up to do. Rats.

Then I watched 4 episodes of Buffy with my son.

Now it’s late.

But, it’s still a spanking new year and I haven’t broken any of my resolutions yet. This is good. Plus, unless Scandal gets pushed to 2009, I should have two books out this year which is a good thing.

So, yeah. Happy New Year everyone!

Please think good thoughts about my car. That could help avoid a big bill just when my son is getting braces…


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