Feels like Friday

Only it’s not Friday. If that’s not cruel, I don’t know what is. I’m just past 10,000 words for Xia. I like what I have so far. Lately on the drive to and from work, I’ve been turning off the radio to think about where I’m going with Xia, or to mentally play or replay a scene. I’ve never really done that, but then for a long time my commute was only 15 minutes. There are 3 big storms ready to hit my part of California. I think the first one just got started. Hopefully the trees stay upright and rooted.

Oh, and last night my son and I were only going to watch 1 episode of Buffy, on account of it was a work day for me, only the first one was the episode were Buffy and Angel… you know. And ohmygosh. Well, we couldn’t not watch the next one. I got sniffly. The stories are getting better and better.

Now I’m off to write and check the laundry.


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