Just a Few odd Thoughts

This weekend, I took my son and his cousin to the bookstore. They went off to the children’s section and I wandered around. There weren’t any new bestselling mass market paperbacks on the display. Most of them I’d already read or didn’t want to read. Rats. So I wandered over to the Romance section to see if maybe whoever at the store hates Romance had maybe moved on to some other section to hate, but no. The Romance section still stucks there. So, there I was in an extremely large bookstore (my local independent is doing pretty well, they just expanded again) and here’s what happened: I went over to the children’s section because, I thought to myself, that’s were most of the really interesting books are.

Oh. My. Gosh.

It’s true. I can name off the top of my head, at least five fantastic books (or series) that are marketed YA or Teen:

  1. Harry Potter, JK Rowling
  2. Bartimaeus Trilogy, Johnathan Stroud
  3. Faerie Wars, Herbie Brennan
  4. Twilight etc, by Stephanie Meyers
  5. Inkheart, Inkspell, Cornelia Funke
  6. His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman

See? Right off the top of my head. And what am I reading right now? City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. It’s really good.

Why is that? I mean, it’s fantastic that there’s so much great stuff out there for kids to read. But where’s the neat stuff for adults? Now, one reason for having teenage characters is nobody has to have a job. And it would be terrifically un-PC to have the characters doing — you know. Those two things alone decrease the plotting and plausibility burden by about two thirds.

Here’s the inappropriate NON-PC comment list to the above list. The anti-list list that will get me in trouble I bet.

  1. Professor Snape (OK– Alan Rickman) I have the hots for you. But if you’re busy, send over Lucious Malfoy.
  2. I’m quite sure Bartimaeus would have had the hots for me, too. You could be anything you want. Please pretend this is a footnote.
  3. Lord Hairstreak. Oh. Yes.
  4. Eric, you can bite me any time. If you’re too hung up on Bella, then well, send over Jake. I’ll distract him.
  5. Dustfinger rocks.
  6. Lord Asriel. Need I say more?

Just some odd random thoughts.


2 Responses to “Just a Few odd Thoughts”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Eric? Who’s Eric? If you mean the hot vampire from the Twilight series, I do believe you mean Edward.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Oh, good grief, yes! Thanks for setting me straight on that one.