Good Grief!

My son’s soccer tournament last weekend was postponed due to the storms. (We had the chainsaw out so yeah, it stormed) This weekend they’re moving all our games because our scheduled field is closed due to storm damage. Now I’m scrambling to cancel hotels, reserve at a new one, find out where we’re going when…

And, the copy edits arrived for My Wicked Enemy today. Very light, but I have a few things marked to go over in detail later. Tonight I’m just marking… I have a page of queries to address. I guess not till Monday unless I decide to take the MS with me, which I don’t want to do (What if I lose it?) But it seems my big problem is commas, mostly the lack thereof, and hyphenating or not hyphenating words. Seriously, that’s 98% of the copy edits.

And I saw the rough image of the cover today. It’s pretty awesome, I have to say.

I’m now behind on Xia because last night I went to bed at 7:40pm. I read for a bit, but pooped out before 9:00. Tired girl.

Off to work.


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