Friday. Oh, yes. Friday

I am darn glad it’s the weekend. But not just any weekend, is it? It’s a Soccer Free weekend. I don’t have to drive anywhere. I can sleep late Saturday AND Sunday. I can stay up late if I want and I won’t regret it tomorrow at 4:30 am. I don’t have to do any Evil Day Job stuff this weekend.

Also, I’ve been meaning to point out that author Gemma Halliday is auctioning off a gifts-and-cyber-date with some extremely handsome Romance Novel cover models. Enter here. Or just look. I won’t tell you who I put my money on as I do not wish to be outbid. It’s for a great cause, too, so check it out.

I can NOT believe this. My cat is trying to push me off my own darn chair!

Speaking of Cover models, I read what I believe is the now infamous interview with Fabio. Oh, my. But here’s the thing that keep occurring to me as I read the interview (keep in mind that George Clooney just doesn’t do it for me…) Fabio is rich and single and he looks damn good for someone in my *cough* age cohort. I mean, yeah, he’s older than I am, but hey. Not all that much older. He let The One For Him get away. He is pining for love, Fabio is. And here’s the great thing. I’m available, too! We have a lot in common:

  • I have been to Italy
  • In the Italian part of Switzerland, I met a woman named Fabienne. (and used that name for my Vampire Enforcer in DX).
  • I have ridden in a Porche and think I could stand doing so again.
  • I write Romance Novels
  • I have long blond(ish) hair too!
  • I’m pretty sure my son is going to be something like 6 foot 3, just like Fabio.
  • I work out pretty hard and can do a lot of push ups.

I think it’s fate. Fabio, email me, OK?


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