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This is the hardest part for me… early on when the core of the book isn’t established, yet I know what I want it to be. Sometimes the words just aren’t there, and sometimes the words that are there are the wrong ones. Double Sigh. Times like this I’d rather do anything than write the right words.

So, one of tonight’s episodes of Buffy was Fool for Love which I’d noticed made Joss Whedon’s top 10 list of episodes. For about half the show I was wondering why. And then it happened. Oh. My. Gosh. I am now a Joss Whedon Fan Girl. Spike is a very bad vampire, just really bad. He seriously hates Buffy yet has come to realize he loves her. Even though (because of?) he wants desperately to kill her. Really. He’s let at least part of his secret out and she delivers a resounding and rather heartless slap down. He is determined to kill her and sets out to do so. He goes to her house, ready to do the deed. Only she’s sitting on the front steps by herself, crying. (Because of some terrible and devastating news about a family member). He has all the opportunity in the world to kill her. But instead, he asks "What’s wrong?" Shot of her tear stained face… She doesn’t want to talk about it. She’s plainly devastated. "Is there anything I can do?" he asks and you can tell he truly, sincerely means it. Then he sits beside her, leaving ample space between them, and awkwardly pats her shoulder. End of the episode.

Now, that, people, is a real villain. Not cardboard bad. This is not one of the bad guys from The Fairie Queene where bad is just bad and the outward appearance and action stands in for the inward person. Not a psycho for whom reality is but a distant memory.

I want that guy for my hero. I’m twisted that way.


Back to work.



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