Catching up

Had to do some day job stuff this morning. Yuck. Took longer than it should have due to an issue that was out of my control. But all’s well and I’m home now. Xia has been going very slowly lately. I need to make up some words today. But I also have a lot of RITA books to read. Sigh. On the good side, despite the slow going, the ideas have been good. I have 41K words now and things are starting to gel. I’m trying to think of something amusing or interesting to say here, but no go. So! instead of that I’ll talk about a growing obsession of mine.

James Marsters as Spike
Oh, my gosh. As perhaps you know, if you read here from time to time, my xmas present to myself was Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. So, the character Spike is a bad boy vamp who’s pretty dang hunky. Plus, there are scenes in which he has very little clothing on and it’s quite clear he keeps up a regular workout without overdoing it. And yes, I should be hanging my head in sexist shame for this, but I’m not. It’s finally our turn!


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