Today’s Subject: Obsession

Today as I was noodling on about something non-writing related, the writing portion of my head was obsessing about Xia. Major breakthrough involving some forward motion, as in now I have some. It’s nice to know where to go from here. Also I’m deleting my first character from the story and folding him into another one. Yay! Bloody carnage, agreed, but this is going to be way better. My stories seem to start out with multiple personalities — 2 or more characters playing the same role/function. I am ::sigh:: not one of those writers who easily handles a cast of dozens. A dozen makes my head spin. Heck, half a dozen is uncomfortable. So, obsessing was good to me today.

Tonight, The Darling Boy and I watched the last three episodes of Buffy, Season Six. Which brings me to my obsession du jour.

Spike, James Marsters

The episode ends with Spike having endured horrific trials in an attempt to return to his original bad and evil vampire self. Make me what I was originally so Buffy gets whats she deserves, he says, all mean and vampire-nasty. Uh-huh. And that’s exactly what happens, because, who doesn’t deserve a hottie like Spike?

Thank goodness I have it all on DVD, because I don’t think I’d make it waiting for TV time to get me to season 7.

Off to remove a character and then have my hero demon-napped. Or is it mage-napped?


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