The Carolyn Character Meld is Tricky

I’m still in the middle of pulling an excess character out of the Work in Progress (WIP). I’ve done three chapters, and had to stop at the last one because it’s late and this chapter will be the most work. Some interesting stuff happened and also, quite happily, I’ve solved the problem of the disappearing hero. Tip: when your hero is unconscious for a chapter and a half, this is bad. Especially when those are the chapters you were thinking would be hot. ::sigh:: A couple of years ago the spectacular Mary Balogh was on a list I was on and she said she’d been told never to have her hero and heroine apart for more than 5 pages. Probably in a longer work you could get away with a few more pages, but not many. I’ve found I have fewer boring passages when I try to follow that advice. So, 15 pages or so of an unconscious hero is bad. Very bad indeed.

Anyway, today was a boring day except for when I was watching Buffy and doing my character-ectomy some of which I did in the car at lunch time.

My editor emailed me to let me know the page proofs for My Wicked Enemy should be arriving tomorrow. I’m kind of excited to read it. This is Carolyn ignoring the unpleasant fretting in her head, hey it’ll only cost me thousands of dollars to re-write the whole book! I have a day off Friday, and Monday is a holiday so, I have a 4 day weekend coming up. Yippee!

Still obsessed with Spike, though.


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