Well, golly! Taking a moment to bask

Today I noodled about all day, pretty much, working on chapter 23 of Xia’s story. So I was worried that I’d missed my minimum, despite working A LOT on the chapter. But I didn’t. In fact, I was only a couple hundred words away from doubling my minimum plus exceeding 50,000 words. So I took a look at chapter 1 and noodled around there long enough to more than double my minimum PLUS discover the chapter rocks. I rewrote the chapter for the new Alexandrine and I have say, it works massively.

So, I’m basking in the glow, insecure in the knowledge that I will be ripping things to shreds shortly and will need to look back at this moment so as not to totally despair.

Also, note to Patti O’Shea: Do NOT stop blogging. I love your blog. I need to hear about your day and your characters talking to you.

Off to bed.


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2 Responses to “Well, golly! Taking a moment to bask”

  1. Merry says:

    Way to go, Carolyn!
    It’s always great when you do better than you think on the word count. Sometimes you (one) can write for ages and have barely anything; other times you can do a short, intense burst and get quite a few pages down.

    Muy congrats on that first chapter! And don’t let the insecurity demons get you!

  2. Carolyn says: