Random Thoughts. Or Something.

Today for Xia’s story I fixed almost all the Kynan stuff AND I hit 58,747 words. So, even though it’s likely tomorrow I’ll delete a bunch since I stopped right before the place where’s he’s sitting with the folks in Oslo, I’m happy to say that he’s developing a character! It was interesting to look only at the chapters that are in his POV.

Today was another beautiful day. 75. Blue skies. Really, really lovely.

Aside: don’t you suppose that if you’d decided to write a novel set in, say, Elizabethan England, that it would go without saying that you actually like the period enough to be on more than a know-the-name only basis with the major figures of the time? I mean, wouldn’t you expect such a person to know more than there was this Shakespeare guy wrote some plays and some of them were funny? Wouldn’t you think such a person would, in fact, be such a dork for the period that they might have at least thought about reading some Shakespeare? Just wondering.


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3 Responses to “Random Thoughts. Or Something.”

  1. Susan/DC says:

    Does your comment about knowing the setting of one’s novel refer to a specific book? Just wondering.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Mums the word on that one!


  3. Susan/DC says:

    I’ll take that as a yes but a warning not to ask for the name of the book or author.