Good Stuff Bad Stuff And Stuff In Between

I’ve been reading through Xia and conforming things to the new! and improved Alexandrine. I’ve had to rip out some stuff, but I’ve replaced it with even better stuff, so I’m happy. The story is complexifying in ways that I like. A lot. For a while I was worried that Kynan was taking over, but he’s not. Xia is a totally hottie bad boy. I’m up to Chapter 7 and I’m not depressed yet. That is A Good Thing.

Another thing is I read Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dream Chaser this weekend. Boy, did I love this one! Xypher was a fabo hero and there were some very sweet moments. That’s another Good Thing, unless you feel inclined to point out that I should have been writing.

My son went fishing with my bother and his kids today, and I went grocery shopping and then came home and futzed around with MySpace and you know, important stuff. Had to pay bills, too. And fight Jake the Cat for space on my chair. Just when I was about to look at Xia, my sister-in-law called to say they were on their way back from fishing and since my son also had soccer tryouts again today, I had to go do that. Perhaps mostly A Bad Thing here.

But at soccer tryouts, I sat in the car and worked on Xia. Afterward it was so spectacularly beautiful out, I took the boys (my son and a tryout-mate I was giving a ride home) to get frozen yogurt. On the way home from that my son’s friend asked my son if he’d finished the math homework. Dead silence. Uh oh. Shall I mention this is a project the teacher gave them two weeks to complete? So, a Good Thing for me, yet a Bad Thing for my son, which factors out to A Thing In Between.

Then I fed the Darling Child leftovers and made cookies and I didn’t eat a single one! This is a massively Good Thing.

Also, I learned from looking at an ad my publisher sent me that My Wicked Enemy will be out at the same time as Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Ash book. This is me, hyperventilating about Ash. Squeeee!!! Ash is going to fall in love and show us all his massive, um… uh oh this is going in a bad direction … love making skills! Good save Carolyn!. But let us all hope that everyone decides to throw in My Wicked Enemy while they’re getting Kenyon’s book.

Now I’m going back to work on Xia.


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