This is just WRONG!!

Persuasion. Jane Austen, ::Sigh:: The joy and wonder of Regency-era Britain, in the hands of a master.

So, how the effing Eff do you explain this?

Are those people at Kindle on crack? What the heck are they smoking over there?
Kindle Employee #1: Like, hey, Jane Austen lived a long time ago, right?
KE#2: Right!
KE#1: And those Impressionist painters, they painted a long time ago, too, right?
KE#2: Righty-oh!
KE3#: (Looking over shoulder of KE#1) Hey, Persuasion!! Isn’t Captain Wentworth a dream? I just love me some sexy Royal Navy Officers.
KE#1: Who’s Captain Wentworth?
KE#2: Royal Navy?
KE#1: The guy in this picture is wearing a straw hat! Awesome! All done.

This is just sacrilege.


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2 Responses to “This is just WRONG!!”

  1. Susan/DC says:

    It’s a bit like the costumes in the Lawrence Olivier/Greet Garson movie of “Pride & Prejudice”, all Victorian dresses with big skirts and drooping sleeves. It’s as if everything that happened more than 100 years ago is the same. You’d think that the maker of a 21st C electronic gadget would know how to use 21st C technology to get it right. But then, you’d think wrong, as they clearly didn’t.

  2. Carolyn says: