What a load of horse manure!

I’m blogging early because I’ve been a writing slug today. Which means I will be writing late tonight and that means if I leave the blogging for last, I’ll be too tired or else I’ll blog anyway and be too tired tomorrow. Take your pick as to which is worse.

Yesterday I had to get new tires on the car. Oy. Money flying out the wallet. So sad. Today I had a flat tire. Sigh. The bright side is I discovered this while I was at home. So I called AAA to make them come and change it — got my money’s worth for the membership at least. The tow truck was so big he almost took out one of the posts down at the gate. The plan was to put on the spare (duh) and then my dad would take the flat NEW tire to the car place tomorrow allowing me to go to work in the morning as per usual and stop off afterward to do the switcheroo. This plan confused the AAA man who was otherwise pleasant and jocular. He tried to put the tire in the back of my car anyway. Then he wanted to put the tire in my dad’s car. But, as I said, "My dad’s truck is full of horse manure right now, so just leave the tire there (me, pointing) and we’ll move it later." Seeing as how he didn’t want to go near a truck full of horse manure, he allowed that our plan was okay after all. He moved the tire to the side of the driveway and managed to get his behemoth truck turned around and all the way down the drive without taking out the gate.

That was our big excitement today. AAA man scared by truck full of horse manure.

I have 70K plus words for Xia. I’m working up to the planned 3-way with Kynan, Xia and Alexandrine which I’m quite interested to know how that works out. There’s only one way for me to know; write it. Rats.

Off to work.


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