With a Wave of my Magic Wand…

I would make writing easier, that’s what I’d do.

I have a chapter that needs some TLC, so I am fixing it in between finding something, anything! to distract me from actually doing it. Only I am doing it. It hurts. It’s agony and then something interesting starts to happen on the page and I conveniently forget all about the mess further down. Fixing fixing fixing.

Tomorrow, my bothers, my sister, me and all the kids are going to visit our other brother and his wife in Santa Barbara. Her mother and brother are here from Denmark, so we’ll get to meet them. Hopefully, we won’t horrify them too badly. Apparently it’s snowing in Denmark and in SB, it’s Spring. They’re enjoying that. I’m not packed yet, but then I’m waiting for laundry to finish. Speaking of which…

Ahh. I have on my jammies now, still slightly warm from the dryer. I am now partially packed.

Back to work. Then I’m going to print off the MS so I can work in the car on the way down. I am not a primary driver in this escape to the South, I will be in the navigator’s seat.


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