No fork yet, but….

Today I hit 80,383 words for Xia, after chopping much of the current last chapter and rewriting it completely. (My contract sets out a word count of 85-95K, but I’m never done until I’m between 90 and 95K) All the rest are brand spanking new words. Carolyn like shiny things! For the last four days I’ve been see-sawing between 78 and 79K. Cut some stuff, write some stuff. Cut more stuff, write more stuff. But tonight I have not only the ending roughed out, but a tentative title in place.

I also substantially redid chapter 27. Mostly it was total carnage. I think there’s like 5 words left from the original chapter 28 and 10 left from chapter 27. But they’re a really good Five and Dime. (Joke!! I made a joke — does anybody get that?)

Right. What else?

Um, I signed up for a Twhirl account (what is it with these Web 2.0 names?) and got my twitter stuff on my desktop. And I learned that while I was writing and rewriting, a lot, and I do mean a lot, of people were watching TV. And twittering about it, obviously. Kind of blew my mind. So, right now, every aspiring writer should be swearing off TV. Because while you were doing that instead of writing, I was getting myself inches from meeting my deadline with time to spare.

What do you want? To write the book of your heart (because there’s no point to writing any other kind) or know what happens on Battlestar Galactica tonight instead of later after you’ve hit your minimum? Just pointing that out there.

Of course if you are a writer who is procrastinating, that’s a time honored method of building up the appropriate level of panic to get your butt stuck to the chair. By all means, watch TV. But if you don’t have a deadline, TV is probably a bad thing for your writing.

Off to bed.


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