Reporting in As ordered

Not really. But I am reporting in. Tonight I’m up to exactly 88,000 words for Xia. I’ll feel better when I’ve cracked 90. That’s pretty much done for me, which in this case means ready for more massive editing. The strange thing is I have only 29 chapters, and usually at this point I have 30-33. So I started looking for chapters that were 14 or more pages since for me that’s a chapter that’s too long. But there weren’t any. What I have is a lot of chapters with 11-12 pages. Not long enough to need to chop in half. So, maybe this book will end up with fewer chapters than usual.

What else? I have some writing related have-to-do stuff that I really have to get done tomorrow that isn’t writing Xia.

Thursday, I got ZIP writing done. My son fell in P.E. and bloodied himself up enough that he had to come home. My dad went to get him so I didn’t have to leave work. But I talked to him on the phone and once I was sure he was mostly OK, told him to work on his English project, which was due Friday. He needed to create a facsimile of a newspaper page containing articles about some short stories they read. When I got home, had he done any of that work? No, he had not. And he’s a terrible speller and well, it was 9:30 before the project was done, assembled and mostly error free. Friday, I was going to give him a lecture about how disappointed I was that he hadn’t had the time to do his best work. Only he starts telling me how when he turned it in the teacher said that if it didn’t contain a lot of spelling errors, it looked like A work to her. Dang you, teacher! And that she would show his to all the students who complained about not getting an A on theirs. So, no lecture.

Any way it’s my usual sign off tonight. I’m tired and going to bed.


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