Is Starbucks Evil? Plus Frisbee Flipping Dog

90,040 words now. Which for anyone who can do the arithmetic means I wrote 2040 words today. Considering how my day went, that’s pretty amazing. I spent the morning finalizing some promotional material that’s costing me a fair fortune. Got that sent off and I figured I had many hours in front of me to get through chapters 27-29 and fix the ending. Well, rats. The day job intervened and required that I drive into town for the wireless at Starbucks where I discovered that my favorite (least disliked?) local Starbucks had done something either very mean and nasty or very stupid:

They moved all the tables but one away from the power outlets. Yes, that’s right. There was only one table and chair near a power outlet, and it was occupied. Along the wall where there used to be three tables by outlets were two big huge chairs and one tiny table too far away to reach the lonely outlets anyway (and occupied). On the other side of the place there were two big chairs by the windows with a little coffee table no one in their right mind would ever use a laptop on because you’d have to hunch over between your legs to reach the keyboard or else sit on the floor. Also occupied. The middle was wide open, but hey, no power! And my laptop for work gets about 45 minutes of battery life. So after realizing this, I left WITHOUT spending any money!! and drove to the Starbucks across town where they did have tables by the outlets. I spent money there. Fixed most of what was wrong at work (in the specific sense of SQL Servers) and then went grocery shopping.

I got home from that about 3:30 absolutely fagged because I am just not a person for heat, and it was 84 degrees. Yuck. I should have spent more time in the freezer section with the doors open. I bought a pineapple plus lot of strawberries because I told The Darling Child I’d make Strawberry shortcake and I’ve learned if I don’t core the fruit right away by the time I get around to it, the fruit is in an advanced state of decay fit only for the compost or the chickens.

Then I had to shred my previous print out of the MS to make room in the binder for the new one I’ll be printing out shortly, and that meant emptying the shredder before I could shred and since it’s recycling day and the shredder was full again, I had to empty the shredder again.

So, then it was time to take down the garbage and the recycling and on the way back I stopped to talk to the neighbors for a bit, and the Border Collie came after me from the top of our driveway and then got all neurotic. She barks and growls at everybody until they throw a ball for her at which point she is their slave for life. Well, Ed had a frisbee in his garage and the only thing Patch likes better than a ball is a frisbee because she can flip a frisbee on her nose. This is hours of fun for her. She now loves Ed.

At which point it was 5:30 pm and time to start dinner. I called the DC several times only to be ignored so I started the strawberry shortcake without him. By the time he made it out to eat, the biscuits were cooking and he was very upset with me as it turned out he wanted to help make the dessert. Um, Darling Child, if you had come the first time I called you instead of 20 minutes later after the 3rd or 4th time, maybe the outcome would have been different.

So then I felt bad because he was upset enough to actually start crying (silently and trying to hide it) during dinner. Even though he should have come when I called him the first time to tell him I was starting the shortcake. Sigh.

So, I didn’t sit down to write until nearly seven. But I doubled my minimum and got to my comfort zone of 90K words with time to spend on having the MS read back to me and some more serious editing.


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2 Responses to “Is Starbucks Evil? Plus Frisbee Flipping Dog”

  1. Liz Maverick says:

    Hey girlfriend,

    Just wanted to say hi. Your site looks so clean and lovely! BTW, you, Megan and I are all the same Myers-Briggs. (I’m obsessed wtih the MB) What does that mean? That we’re all the same kind of strange?

    🙂 Liz Maverick

  2. Carolyn says:

    Liz! Thanks for the compliments on the new look for the site. When I get this book turned in I’m going to update the blog template.

    As for the Myers-Briggs. Yes, I believe you’re right. We’re all the same kind of strange.